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Come and enjoy the wonderful gift of Yoga in a tranquil bushland setting at the cottage. Enhance your health and vitality, strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility and discover the benefits of new breathing techniques. Experience deep relaxation through lavender eye bags, supportive props and heat packs.


Classes are suitable for all ages, regardless of fitness level or experience. They are based on restorative and deeply stretching poses, with a focus on the breath to calm the mind and centre the body. Each class runs for one and a half hours and includes a short meditation, breathing practices (pranayama), a sequence of poses (asanas) and concludes with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation that leaves the body feeling rested and mentally clear.


Roxane Atkinson is an experienced hatha yoga teacher, who strongly believes that a combination of gentle hatha postures and restorative yoga poses will help return the body towards a strong and healthy balance.  Establishing a free flow of vitality to each cell of the body will in turn greatly enhance quality of life.


Please contact studio for information about classes and prices.


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