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Restorative Yoga at Lilyfield Cottage
A Studio for Women

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The Studio

The tranquil garden studio for Restorative Yoga at Lilyfield Cottage is located on a small acreage in Long Beach, ten minutes from Batemans Bay, in New South Wales and has been established for four years. Please contact Roxane at the studio for times and schedules of courses and classes listed below.

General Yoga Classes (90 minutes)

Weekly group classes are suitable for women of all ages, regardless of fitness level or experience.

Classes are offered as short, theme-based courses, enabling students to build skills, strength, confidence and mind-body awareness. Each class includes a breathing practice (pranayama), a sequence of gentle, mindful poses (asanas) and a deep, guided relaxation (yoga nidra), using lavender eye bags, supportive props and heat packs. 

Each sequence is designed to release mental and physical tension, strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility, support the immune system, and enhance general health and well-being.  

An optional herbal tea and a friendly chat are offered in the garden after class. This is a lovely way to connect and make friends with other students.


Chair Yoga Classes (60 minutes)

These classes are suitable for seniors, beginners and anyone experiencing mobility or joint issues. Also suitable for anyone simply wanting to to enjoy the support of a chair to practice yoga. Each class includes a breathing practice (pranayama), meditation, a sequence of gentle, mindful poses (asanas) and short relaxation.


Mini Restorative Yoga Retreats (2 hours)

Mini-retreats in Restorative Yoga are regularly offered on Sunday afternoons for a maximum of 6 people. 

These nurturing and therapeutic sessions run for two hours and offer a passive, restful practice to reset, release stress, and renew a sense of balance and harmony. Suitable for anyone in need of deep rest, self care or a retreat from a hectic life schedule.  

Each session includes a breathing practice (pranayama), a grounding self-massage practice, and a sequence of deeply restful poses for up to ten minutes, whilst supported by props, lavender eye bags and heat packs. Calming music and essential oils soothe the nerves as you release both physical and mental tension. A deep, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) and an optional herbal tea after class completes the experience. If you would like to book a private retreat with your own tribe, please contact the studio.

Your Teacher: Roxane Atkinson ((Dip T), HH DIP (Y.T), RRYT

Roxane has been practising yoga for over twenty years and has been teaching Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga in her garden-based yoga studios since 2008. She is passionate about the wonderful gift of yoga and its ability to help return the body to a strong and healthy balance. Through gentle, mindful movement, correct posture and improved breathing patterns, yoga can establish a free flow of vital energy to every cell in the body, enhancing health and quality of life. Roxane lives on her peaceful acreage at Lilyfield Cottage with her husband, David, two cats, Sebastian and Charlotte, and Charlie, the rooster. She is a proud grandmother and enjoys practising and teaching yoga, hosting Airbnb guests, spending time in the gardens, enjoying walks on the beach and exploring the many nature trails in the area. 

A Glimpse into Restorative Yoga at Lilyfield Cottage

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